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"If not to make the world better, what is money for?" ~ Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
Question for Your Heart: What is your money for?
I. Why Sponsor QuoteSecret?

1. You can create a clean and pure thinking space for readers all around the world.

With your support, QuoteSecret would be under less pressure to break even. Therefore, I can remove text ads and big ad banners in the daily email, thus, providing a tidy place for inspirations and insights.

2. You can keep QuoteSecret alive and running for more years.

As the number of subscribers grows, the cost to run QuoteSecret also increases, such as advanced email delivery service (Send daily emails to your inbox at 7am no matter which timezone you are at), online directory submission (let more people find QuoteSecret), web hosting and domain names.

3. You can improve QuoteSecret's service quality and enlighten more people's lives.

Here are some of the projects in the next phase of QuoteSecret's development:

a. iPhone app for mobile phone users
b. Android app for mobile phone users
c. A more robust discussion forum for readers to share their ideas, thoughts and life stories
d. Submit QuoteSecret to more news media and web directories (Some of them are very expensive.)

With your support and contribution, I can outsource some projects to experts in those areas and complete them much faster.

II. How to Sponsor QuoteSecret?

1. Sponsor via PayPal (Recurring / Monthly)

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III. Thank You Gifts

I believe QuoteSecret can make the world a better place. By becoming a sponsor, you are with me to bring more awareness and happiness to people's lives. To acknowledge your contribution, I have prepared some special gifts for you.

For one-time sponsors, in the next 30 days you will receive 30 bonus quotes and questions about making money, investing and managing your wealth. They will dramatically change your mindset about money and bring money closer to you in your life and business.

For recurring sponsors, besides the 30 bonus quotes and questions about money, during your sponsor period, at the end of each month, I will compile all the quotes and questions in the daily emails of the past 30 days into a well-designed PDF file, and email to your inbox. The compiled PDF file can help you review the thoughts and ideas that popped up in your mind in the past few weeks and don't let the inspirations go away.

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